Tales of 14-Songs-in-14-Days: The rest of ’em

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by Jan Seides
Thursday 24th January, 2013, 9:02pm

I know. I kinda left you hanging, didn’t I.

Well, here are the rest of my songs from our last 14, and a couple of descriptions of my favorites from the other writers involved in this insanity.

Although I had pretty much resolved to stay home during the holidays, the Universe was not listening when I said so. You know the old saying, “Humans plan and G-d laughs”.  We were going to Los Angeles, it turned out, because my daughter, Raina, and her husband, Jesse, now live there. They have a house in North Hollywood we wanted to see, and Andy had not been to California in a long time, and someone offered me a gig at a nice venue there, and…..etc.  But some of you who know me, or for whom I’ve performed, know that I ran screaming from Los Angeles back at the end of the 80s. And that every once in awhile, I wake sweaty from a nightmare that I had to go back and live there again. Mostly, it had to do with people I encountered there, or anyway, two of them, who convinced me I was in the wrong place.  It’s hard not to believe some people are predatory when they are preying on you.

I’m revisiting the scene of your crime
I guess the universe thinks
It’s been enough time
For me to recover
But I’m not so sure
So I’m revisiting the scene of your crime
I’m rehearsing the words I could say
To calm myself down
When I notice my hands shaking
Like “Take a deep breath”
And “You don’t have to be upset”
I’m rehearsing the words I could say.
You hurt me in a way
No one’s thought of before
How very creative of you!
That was years ago now
I don’t care any more
I’m sure
I’m pretty sure….
That’s why I’m revisiting the scene of your crime
I guess te universe thinks
It’s been enough time
For me to recover
But I’m not so sure
So I’m revisiting the scene of your crime

Everything went just fine, and I returned to Austin unscathed.  A funny thing happened on the way home. My friends Linda and David drive down from Minnesota every winter to escape the cold.  As they were reaching Austin, there was a freak snowstorm in West Texas, so they stayed at our house while waiting for the weather to clear. They left our house at almost the same time as we left California, so we met them at Exit 65  on I-10 in West Texas, without either one of us losing any time in our journey! Which would have been impossible without cellphones. We hugged, talked a bit, then they continued west, and we continued east. Dontcha love it?

This next was the result of a very productive day for anything except songwriting:

Hallelujah my car is washed
Hallelujah my bills are paid
Hallelujah my house is clean
Hallelujah my bed is made
Hallelujah my shopping is done
And the rest has been deferred.
Hallelujah! Best of all,
Hallelujah my pedis are cured.
Hallelujah my pianos practiced
Hallelujah my guitar is too
Hallelujah my ivories are tickled
Hallelujah my strings are new
I guess I’m a little ADD
I guess I’m a bit of a nerd
Hallelujah my song is written
Hallelujah my pedis are cured.

Not much as songs go, but my chores were done.

The next day, as I was telling someone about Raina and Jesse’s wedding, I realized that the song for that day was already written. By Rob Corddry who was the officiant at their wedding.  Or sorta:

Physics is hard
And chemistry’s hard
But love is fun, and it’s easy
House cleaning is hard
And mowing the yard
But love is fun, and it’s easy
Either kind of calculus is hard
The perfect pun, a 10K run
But love is fun
And it’s easy.
Doing my taxes
Makes me anxious
But love is fun, and it’s easy
Losing weight is hard
Not being late is hard
But love is fun, and it’s easy
Speaking truth to power is hard
Writing these songs, admitting I’m wrong
But love is fun
And it’s easy.
People tell you love is hard
You gotta work
(You kinda do.)
They forget to tell you the reward
Love has its perks
And that’s the truth
Learning restraint is hard
Learning to paint is hard
But love is fun, and it’s easy
Splitting a log is hard
Bathing the dog is hard
But love is fun, and it’s easy
Learning to drive is hard
Playing a drum, lifting a ton
But love is fun,
And it’s easy.

And finally, I got the song about my Dad that I’ve waited a decade to write:

My papa was a fly boy
In 1944
He flew his final mission
In the 2nd “war to end all wars”.
But didn’t see his home again
For a year and 2 months more
And there are those who call him a hero
They locked him in a prison
Somewhere beside the sea
With the memories of companions
To haunt his dreams
And a photo of his wife         
And the child he’d never seen
And those at home called him a hero
The most modern of maachinery
The most primitive act
When he was finally free,
He wended his way back
And he saw what they had done,
And what we did to them
He said, “No….I am no hero.
My papa laid his life down
In 2007
A good father, a good men
He gave me goodness to believe in.
And somewhere in the universe
I hope he feels forgiven.
And he knows he is a hero

As far as other writers and their successes this time, the standouts for me were Jean Synodinos (Forgive His Sins – which was good advice for me at exactly the moment I needed it — Winter Grey and The End of the World); Katie Gosnell (among others, a hilarious little ditty called No More Funny Songs Please); Stewart Moser (The sweet story of It’s For You  and a beautiful Biblically-based song called Inner Abraham), Joe Strouse (The Right Lane is the Right Lane For Me). Couldn’t agree more, Joe!

I can’t give you any of theirs, for obvious reasons, but you can have Hero to listen to. This will definitely show up on a CD or EP at some point.



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