Tales of 14-Songs-in-14-Days: Last challenge for 2013!

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by Jan Seides
Tuesday 22nd October, 2013, 1:43pm

I haven’t actually finished this one, because I still have one song to go and I’m late.  We’re all a little more lenient with one another in this tribe these days, but I still feel a little guilty talking about it before I’m done.

Nevertheless, here I am talking about it.

One thing I’ve realized out of this 14-Days challenge is that there’s never going to be a time when I have two weeks in which there is nothing else going on.  There will always be another big project at the same time, or traveling I must do, or house guests, or any number of other reasons why I can’t complete.  But they’re all BS.  Long ago, someone told me “If you want to call yourself a writer, than you gotta write.”  And that’s even if you’re not feelin’ it right now, or whatever the current excuse is.  It’s just like every other desire.  If you want to be the kind of person who makes her bed every morning, well, make your bed every morning. Duh!

Well, so this time, I had family in town (Well. Sorta.  They were in San Antonio.), and one of them kicked his childhood to the curb by graduating from the Air Force Basic Training and getting married in the same day. I’m still a little shocked, and eventually, I suppose I’ll write a song, but the song that came out right afterwards is below.  It’s got peculiar origins, as it was based on the names of subdivisions we passed in the car on the way home. Fanciful names in the middle of Nowhere, Texas.  I was delighted. That was Day 13 for me.

Y’know …. I used to think that I had to be high to write, or at least to write well. A lot of illusions have been dispelled since we started doing these challenges.

I was going to try to list my favorites of the other writers involved, but there’s really too many.  But I did want to mention Pattie Stuart who, not 3 weeks ago after some big changes in her life, was saying she didn’t feel like writing.  And then wrote 14 lovely songs.  Way to go, Pattie!

As I said, I still owe one song, so this missive will be a bit shorter than usual, but here’s Silver Valley, with all the usual sound caveats.


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