Tales of 14-Songs-in-14-Days: Just a dream – the sequel

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by Jan Seides
Tuesday 2nd July, 2013, 11:16pm

So, when last we met, I described how in the first week of the 14 Songs challenge, two of the songs came to me in dreams.  In the second week, it got even stranger.

I did a show with Jean Synodinos and a man named Mike Silver, who was in Texas from Cornwall, U.K.  The woman who brought him here had heard him in a club there and paid for him to come to the U.S. She booked gigs for him, and one of them was my new songwriters showcase at Star Company Coffee in Round Rock.  It’s scheduled for the second Saturday of each month from now until … eternity. Or at least that’s the plan. Anyway, Mike turned out to be an incredibly good songwriter, and he had one of those beautiful Celtic tenor voices.  I was very enthusiastic.  I gushed. We traded CDs.  I listened to one of his, and realized that I had decidedly not gushed enough. You can find him at http://mikesilver.jigsy.com/  Listen for yourself.

So a couple days later, I was driving down Highway 130, listening to Mike’s CD, and one of titles catches my ear.  So I shut off the song he was about to sing, to see where I would make the idea go.  And sure enough, it went somewhere completely different than what Mike did with it. So that was that day’s song.  (What if?) It’s one of my favorites from the whole 14, and I will be including it in this post.

About two days later, I dreamed of my Dad, who has been gone about 5 years.  It gets less painful after awhile, but I still think of him pretty frequently and miss him a lot.  So dreaming about him wasn’t that surprising.  But I dreamed that he had sent one of my daughters a gift, and it was being delivered 5 years later.  And I was explaining how remarkable that was to the UPS guy, as he’d been gone for that same amount of time, and the whole thing turned into a song. (Many Years Ago)

So in other words, I got three dream songs in less than two weeks.  I think that’s pretty bizarre. Don’t you?

This was one of my most successful challenges ever, or at least since the very first ones where I got three of the songs that are on my new CD, Siren Song (which is doing very well, thank you.) If you’d like to listen to some samples, and perhaps acquire the CD, you can find it at http://janseides.com/music

My only complaint these days is how many songs I now have to practice. Which makes me pretty happy, actually.

What If

Many Years Ago


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