Tales of 14 songs in 14 days: End of the first 14 days

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by Jan Seides
Thursday 21st June, 2012, 8:42pm

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OK. So …..

One of the things I like best about the people I do this challenge with is that, a few weeks after it’s done, we all get together at someone’s home and play our two favorites of our own to everyone in the group. Some of the crop is funny and silly, and some is stunning and profound. That first gathering was at Kit’s house, and I still remember almost everything I heard that afternoon, even though I had to leave early.

Standouts in my memory (This has more to do with my low-capacity memory than anything else, and is not meant to slight anyone’s efforts):

Jean played one of the songs that is on her new album, “Enough Is Enough”.

Katie did one called “Be a Good Girl” which is also on Jean’s album. Both of the songs were flat out stunners.

Mo sang one of her first ones: The House that You Were Born In (I think that’s the title.) It describes the house, the road it’s on, the town it’s near, all the way to the universe where it is found. Just a sweet, brilliant song, that’s all.

Joe announced that he was going to continue to write a song a day for a year. (That idea left most of us gasping.)

Everyone seemed to agree that they had gotten at least a few usable songs out of the challenge, and Mo said she had already incorporated a few of hers into her performances.

I sang Wednesday’s Song, which you’ve already received and perhaps listened to. Ultimately, I decided that I was not going to add that to my performance. But the other one I sang almost made it to the CD and to my performance set, and that was a song called “Peter Pan”. At the time, I was watching someone close to me pin their hopes on someone who gave every sign that they were too immature to be a good partner at that time — or perhaps ever. Hard to tell with some people. The song was sort of like yelling “Look out! Look out! Your heart is about to get broken!” but more tuneful. But after some thought, I decided that the song was a little too clear — and both the heart-breaker and his willing victim might be offended when they recognized themselves — for me to feel comfortable making it so public. Especially if the situation changed for the better (which, eventually, it did, by the way.) You’ll find the song attached to this post, and feel free to tell me if you disagree with my decision.

My takeaway from these two weeks was (1) If you want a new song, you can have one. Songs are literally everywhere you look. And (2) there’s really no such thing as writers’ block. That’s just a convenient and attractive excuse. (See (1).)

Here’s the song. It was recorded on my little home set up, so all is not perfect, but it’s within reasonable distance of listenable. Please feel free to comment.

Peter Pan


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