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by Jan Seides
Monday 9th December, 2013, 1:39pm

The title of this post comes from two different concepts, and I’ve been thinking about both of them all week. First: This year, like a lot of others now, I’ll be doing several free and a few paid concerts for the holidays. It’s always fun, because as I’ve mentioned in another post, I really love the holiday songs. I have even written a few of my own.


This year, I’ve already gone to the V.A. Hospital in San Antonio and played on two of the wards, for people too disabled to leave the hospital, and also people who are there temporarily while they recover from various disabilities. The first ward I played on was for soldiers recently returned who are finding civilian life more challenging than they did before they left. They all seemed like an audience you would find anywhere, until a difference of opinion came up, and then I could feel even across the room how tightly wound some of my audience members were. I sang the most calming songs I knew, and endeavored to fill requests even if it meant looking up the lyrics online, and improvising. I wanted each of them to get whatever they wanted from the concert.


Next weekend, I’ll be taking a few of my students to the V.A. Hospital in Temple, Texas, for a similar show there. It seems low-key enough for them to get an experience of real-world performance, especially since this show will definitely be entirely holiday songs. One of the students regularly displays angst at the idea of performing, but she always steps up when the time comes. This will be a stretch for her, as she has only played for a roomful of other students and their parents before. But she’s a very good musician, and I want her to share her gift with an appreciative audience other than people who are familiar to her. The other two students are both hams, and will enjoy it, I think. I’ll post a picture of all of them next time.

And next Thursday, December 19th, I’ll be going, along with half of Austin’s complement of singer/songwriters, to carol at the Texas Neurological Hospital. I’ve never done this one before, though it happens every year, but everyone tells me it’s really fun and the patients love it. So I’m looking forward to it.

So about that second concept….

This year, I put out a new CD, Siren Song. As many of you already know because you have one or have heard parts of it, I am very proud of it, and it has also gotten a gratifying response out there on other planets besides JanWorld. Needless to say, I would like to put it in the hands, or ears, of as many people as I can.

So….. I’m offering it for a special holiday price till Christmas Day. If you act quickly, you can have a digital download of Siren Song, for just $9.95. (Yes, I know this sounds like a late-night TV pitch, but it’s just me.) If you’re interested in that, please go to (However …. if you are already on my mailing list, you won’t be able to complete this purchase the way it’s set up.  If that’s the case, just shoot me an email —jan at janseides dot com— and let me know, and I’ll send you the details for how to order….. or just comment below.)

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