How I Learned to Love Marketing my Music, Part 3 of 4 – Music Marketing Manifesto

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by Jan Seides
Wednesday 28th August, 2013, 4:54pm
Photo by J. Ryan Roberts, NYC

Photo by J. Ryan Roberts, NYC

Up until recently, my approach to marketing my music was a lot like the following conversation:

Q. How do you make a cake?

A. Follow the recipe.

Q. What if I have no recipe?

A. I don’t know. Then just throw a bunch of whatever you think is the right stuff in a bowl and see what happens.

Hmmm…….more like a recipe for disaster. Or a lump of stuff in a bowl.

What has happened recently is that I encountered Music Marketing Manifesto (Disclaimer: I have nothing to gain by telling you about this. I just like passing on good stuff.), designed by John Oszajca. A couple of years ago, I got a message from Indie Contact Newsletter, which I’d been subscribed to for two or three years. The subject was “Open up. You’re going to like this.”  And they were right. Enter, the recipe.

Inside was this message:

“Go here and watch this free video:

It’s a training video called “Music Marketing Blueprint” and it was created by Major Label Recording Artist turned  Music Marketing Guru, John Oszajca.

John recently took a debut artist with NO radio play, NO video play, and NO touring, and helped him set CDbaby’s all time single day sales record.  They even made the Billboard charts.

John has decided to share his exact music marketing strategy.”

Just to put this in perspective, Disc Makers sends me messages called “Facebook Marketing Tips”, that have mostly to do with building a relationship between yourself and your fans. Never a bad idea, of course.  But does it sell music? Well …..not so much…..

And I get the CD Baby messages too, and their podcast for DIY musicians, which is fun to listen to while running in the morning in my neighborhood.  They send me emails with titles like this: “YouTube: the most important thing in your career”, which goes on to extoll the virtues of “sharability”.  Again, useful information, but does it sell music?

John has a …. well …. manifesto on his site.  The opening lines are:

“Selling your music online comes down to two very simple things.

1. Traffic

2. Selling to that traffic.

That really is all there is to it.  And while there is obviously a lot more involved when it comes to  the implementation of those two things, if you stay focused on those principles and focus all your marketing efforts on those simple ideas alone, you WILL ultimately see results.”

On the site, John has detailed videos that he’s made, describing how to set up a page to entice potential customers to sign up for your mailing list (enticed mainly by your offer of a free song), including templates for the sign-up page and a thank-you page, and instructions about using your email marketing site, creating an auto-responder, and how to upload all of these to a site where they can be used.

You can go see mine at

The next part of the course is how to use this “squeeze page” concept in various contexts: Facebook, Twitter, the writing of articles. For example, John shows you how to set up a Facebook ad, and one idea for creating one. Or how to create an article that presents an interesting idea, and, oh, by the way, if you like this music, you might like mine. Or how to create relationships on Twitter, where you can eventually lead people to your marketing site. There is a forum for discussing these things, along with things like Search Engine Optimization (I  found out the meaning that phrase because of Music Marketing Manifesto!)

And John has a podcast (which I found on iTunes) where he talks to people who are using his marketing ideas on YouTube, or to create a market for house concerts, or quite a few other moderately to wildly successful implementations. He and his business partner who handles support, Steve, also use the podcast to answer questions people have asked, and there is a comment section below each video where questions are answered as well. Among the many people whose comments I’ve seen below the videos, one was from Badi Assad. (If you don’t know who that is, you are missing some REALLY great guitar playing.)

On the podcast, you can also learn how to respond to the new people on your mailing list in terms of relationships … and possible music sales.  In other words, this is the whole package. The recipe.

It took more than two years for me to get around to doing something with all of this. But now, you see, I have this new CD  I just put out (which you could have a free song or four from. Just sayin’). I hope it doesn’t take you that long. 🙂

In the next segment, I’ll be describing a brand new opportunity to support one’s music, and my forays into a new side business that produces “passive” income.

You can find that segment HERE





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August 2013

Thursday 29th, 4:09pm

Hey Jan,

Thanks for the great shout out. Really happy to see you're enjoying the info and putting it to good use.

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