The drive across Colorado – complete with pictures!

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by Jan Seides
Monday 29th June, 2009, 4:35am

We got up early Saturday morning and got into the car to drive all the way across Colorado to the resort where we would spend the next 6 days. Most of the way, we were on Interstate 70. Here’s a sample of what we saw.


Snow covered mountains on the way to the Continental Divide

The Eisenhower Tunnel under Loveland Pass - otherwise known as the Continental Divide.

The Eisenhower Tunnel under Loveland Pass - otherwise known as the Continental Divide.

The Continental Divide is the place where the Eastern and Western Rocky Mountains meet.  All the water that runs down the eastern slopes ends up, eventually, in the Gulf of Mexico and then the Atlantic Ocean. All the water that runs down the western side ends up in the Pacific Ocean. Hence, the Continental Divide. There must be a similar place on every continent, but I don’t know where the others are.

We stopped in Frisco, CO to buy some groceries, as the resort is 20 miles from the nearest grocery store, and to have lunch. Next to the supermarket, we found a little restaurant named Food Hedz, owned by Gourmet Chef David Welch and his wife, Mary.  The food was simple and wonderful, and we want everyone to go to Frisco immediately and taste it, or at least look for the place the next time you’re there.

After lunch, we continued down I-70, stopping again at Glenwood Springs where we would be staying after the days at the resort. Glenwood Canyon was pretty spectacular, so we stopped at a scenic overlook to take pictures. Here’s one of them:


This train fortuitously happened along just in time for my picture -- lucky me!

From there, we went on and finally arrived at Exit 49, and started up the narrow mountain road to the resort, stopping halfway up in Mesa to buy the foods that had to stay cold. Here’s a sample of what we saw on the way up:


All these pictures and others will be on my website as soon as I get them organized.

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July 2009

Thursday 23rd, 5:28am

by Jackie

Loveland Pass . . . I wonder how many of us remember when the only way to get from on side of it to the other was OVER it?

And it was a hair raiser.

Steve R. and I, on our Great Hitchhiking to Yellowstone Adventure, got a ride across the pass with a car full of drunk teenagers.

In a car with bad brakes.

Never was so glad to get out of a car in my life.

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