Colorado – We land in Denver

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by Jan Seides
Monday 29th June, 2009, 3:58am

Thursday afternoon after wrapping up all our loose ends, we got a ride to the airport for a 6:00 pm flight to Denver.  Unfortunately,  we got a call that the flight was going to be one and a half hours late. Fortunately, we ran into Nancy Coplin, who books the entertainment at Austin’s airport (as I’ve described in the post about WIMPS), so we had something to do with the time spent waiting.  And finally, Southwest came up with a plane and we were off.

Once in Denver, after an uneventful flight (my favorite kind) we picked up our rent car and drove to the south of Denver to our hotel. The temperature was about 30 degrees cooler than Texas had been, and we were jubilant about that, since Texas hit triple digits that day. It was 10:00 pm at this point, so we drove down the road to find a grocery store and bought something more substantial than peanuts — which is what Southwest Airlines has always served — and a bottle of Irish whiskey, and then we ate, drank and went to sleep.

The next day, we went to visit a friend who is the head engineer at the Public Radio station in Denver, KUVO. Mike showed us around the building, and even took us up to the roof to look at the incredible array of satellite dishes up there, the product of much grant-writing and detailed planning on his part. Afterwards, we joined Mike and his wife, Teresa, and their 12-year-old son for dinner at an excellent restaurant and then we all had drinks to see the evening out (except for me, because I was driving).

The next morning, we left for the Western Slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

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