NARAS Presents Pioneers of Recording in Austin, TX

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by Jan Seides
Saturday 29th August, 2009, 10:14pm

This afternoon the Texas Chapter of the Nation Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the Grammy people) gathered together some of the original architects of the music scene here in Austin, the radio personalities, recording engineers and builders of recording studios who started it all. Including my husband Andy Murphy.

Andy currently works as the Chief Recording Engineer of the Butler Music School at the University of Texas and Chief Recording Engineer for the Austin Symphony Orchestra. But in his past is a role as singer and songwriter for the band Wheatstraw, and leader of a jazz band, Minor Miracle , which included Julie Christianson (who later went on to sing with Leonard Cohen) and Carmen Bradford (who went on to sing with Count Basie). Andy has also done some singing for Disney. He transferred his attentions to the recording process in the 1970s, and helped to build some of the major recording studios here in Austin, notably the studio built by Willis Alan Ramsey (best known for the song “Muskrat Love”).  He was  a prime mover in building the music community in Austin and in Texas, involving city and state government in the growing of the music industry, and promoting a music-friendly environment.

Maybe you can tell I’m pretty proud of my association with him.

Also on the panel were CJ Eiriksson, producer/engineer/mixer; Chet Himes, producer/engineer; David Hough, audio director of “Austin City Limits”; Jay Aaron Podolnick, CEO of Villa Muse; and Chris “Frenchie” Smith, producer/engineer. Moderated by producer/musician Craig Hillis, panelists shared stories of how they began their career journey within the Austin music scene.

Pioneers of Recording in Austin, Texas: Top Row, left to right: Bottom Row, left to right:

Panelists and NARAS Texas Chapter Board members

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