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by Jan Seides
Tuesday 6th July, 2010, 8:31pm

I confess, I have often fallen prey to the “It can’t happen here” syndrome. When I hear about someone else’s health problems, my response is quite frequently ” Oh, well, I don’t eat (Fill in the blank: meat, milk, MacDonalds, etc.)”, or “I don’t have those genetic factors”, or “I don’t do dangerous things (not physically dangerous ones, anyway)” or whatever…. so this doesn’t apply to me. Bad things happen to other folks, in a distant galaxy far far away. And I don’t believe I’m alone in this response. (You know who you are!)  I sport this mindset, even though I have just recently received a memorable (You would think!) lesson in how I, too, can be knocked around by a good, stiff wind. I, too, can be the victim of a bad surprise.

In fact, I was doing it again on our latest foray into the rest of the world besides where we live. I was running one early Big Island, Hawaii morning. I love running there. It’s summertime and the actual temperature is pretty warm, but the Trade Winds blow non-stop, making the temperature feel a lot cooler on your skin. A 30-minute run thus feels like it takes about 30 seconds, because the weather feels so pleasant, because there’s so much beauty to look at, so many new and interesting birds and flowers to notice. It’s just nice.   So I’m running this circular path I have found, and thinking self-congratulatorily about how much healthier I was than the average American human of my circumstances.

And comparing myself to my husband, since he’s the closest. My poor husband, loves to travel, but usually gets so stressed that one day of the trip will be spent in bed. I don’t know why this is; I just know it happens on most of the trips we take.  And  I have often thought, I’m distressed to admit, that if he’d just eat the foods I eat, and not eat the ones I don’t, if he’d exercise the same exercises I do, if he’d just do what I tell him to, he’d be so much healthier.

When suddenly…………I remembered our impromptu trip to the emergency room this past February, the second one in the past 2 years. Not to mention that back injury that slowed me down significantly for about 3 months about three years ago. And I remembered turning to him on this occasion and saying, “If I’m so much healthier than you are, how come I’m the one that keeps ending up in the emergency room?”

Well…..another arrogant human bites the dust, I guess. Anything can happen anytime. Someone to whom I expressed my outrage  said, “You have to remember that it’s ‘risk abatement’ not ‘risk avoidance’. I think she’s right. I like to think I’ll remember it in the future, but I probably won’t.

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