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Jean-Jacques Corrio – Le Cri du Coyote (January 15, 2014)

“Even if he plays on one song, simply see the name of Lloyd Maines on an album cover enough to be sure that the music you hear will be at least good. Indeed, with this 4th album Jan Seides, this is much, much better than “good quality ” , rather it is the bomb! Twelve great songs written by Jan Seides, originally from Detroit but based in Austin for many years, after a [10-year] stay in New York. Austin, where she obtained a degree in music at the University of Texas. a rather sophisticated voice, to the point that sometimes said that she was a folksinger who frequented Broadway. The disc recorded Buda, in the suburbs of Austin , has a very proper production by Bradley Kopp, one of the personalities of the Austin scene both as a producer and as a musician. Bradley is also guitarist is heard in the album. Lloyd Maines appears at the pedal steel guitar on the third song, Gotta Dance.  However, the top of the album is probably Behind Closed Doors a song that layers poignant lyrics about marital violence that can unroll behind closed doors with beautiful music. Next in order of preference, we put Rachel ‘s Sister . The album ends with I Missed Texas, a cry of love for this state, in which the violin of Richard Bowden is gives it a heart of joy. a beautiful conclusion for a very nice album.” (JJC)

Leicester Bangs Blog, UK

May 2013 – “Singer-songwriter Jan Seides may well be based in Austin, but she’s a hardly a typical Texas troubadour. Though she tells it like it is, with an honest-to-goodness style that’s incredibly effective, she does so with a level of polished sophistication, which has led previous reviewers to describe her sound as Patty Griffin meets Broadway. Intrigued? I certainly was, and she doesn’t disappoint on “Siren Song”, her fourth album since her 1992 debut”…(see more)


May 2013 – “[Jan’s] latest release, “SIREN SONG” (2013) is an enticing and eclectic collection of new songs.  Produced by Bradley Kopp, with contributions by notable Austin musicians, such as Lloyd Maines, Jeffrey Barnes, Richard Bowden, David Webb and Sue Young make this one of Jan’s best projects to date! ” 

Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas – The Austin Connection

May 2013 – “I gotta tell you, this is the most accomplished album I’ve heard by you – your singing and your songs are top-notch, the production is excellent too. Nice work my dear.”

Dan Hazlett – Performing Songwriter

May 2013 –  “Thanks so much for sending over your new CD!  You’ve gone and done it.  It’s just stunning from beginning to end.  I love the songwriting, the sound of your voice and the production that perfectly portrays your stories.  It’s just a wonderful work of art.  I know you’re proud of it and you ought to be. Congratulations.”
“Beautifully arranged and sober orchestrated self-penned songs are forming the basics of Jan Seides’ newest record ‘Siren Song’. Her soft and relaxing lovely voice is the so-called ‘cherry on the pie’. She should not keep us waiting for another six years to hear her compositions on a new album.” – www.rootstime.be
“Jan Seides is not a typical Texas lady, surrounded with fine musicians from the Austin scene she brings well balanced sophisticated melodic songwork.” ….http://www.keysandchords.com/6/post/2013/08/jan-seides-siren-song.html“Twelve new songs were recorded for this fourth studio album ‘Siren Song’ by singer and songwriter Jan Seides. She grew up in Detroit city car, at an early age moved with her parents to New York City. She was always interested in music and music city moved to Austin, Texas where they managed to achieve. At the “University of Texas School of Music degree in music and later Jan Seides is a classic pop song writer and most prominently on “Siren Song” are the beautiful arrangements and sober, but very beautiful instrumentation is built around these songs become. Instrumental support received them on this album by some excellent musicians like Paul Pearcy (Tish Hinojosa, Lost Gonzo Band), Glenn Fukunaga (Dixie Chicks, Joe Ely), Jeffrey Barnes (Marcia Ball, Brave Combo), David Webb (Jimmy LaFave, Pierce Pettis), Lloyd Maines, Sue Young and the producer of this album Bradley Kopp.” … http://www.muziekvenster.nl/content.asp?contentid=1272  Netherlands
“Even if the songwriter Jan Seides has her home in Austin, they are not one of the typical representatives of the Texas Music. Well, not quite true now, because with “I Missed Texas” is in the end was a love letter to the Lone Star state to find on her new album Siren Song. And the remaining 11 songs, all written by herself, tell stories that vary musically between folk, pop, roots, blues and country. Their music is definitely something magic in the quiet river and the atmospheric density of the sound structures. Deceleration and goosebumps – located somewhere between relaxed and voluptuous, pleasantly unexcited and yet always surprising and consistently imaginative.”  … Country Jukebox, Munich, GermanyFrom Austin, Texas, this singer and singer-songwriter. Jan Seides took piano lessons for 14 years, studied piano, composition and explored various styles of music like folk, jazz, pop, rock and country at the University of Texas School of Music.Jan’s varied background also provides some of the music on the plate, where her various musical influences are reflected in the different tracks. To assist in Siren Songs she has also hired well-known musician from Austin, Lloyd Maines, Jeffrey Barnes, Richard Bowden, David Webb and Sue Young. The texts in Siren Songs is a mixture of personal experiences and fictional small stories. “Dishonesty” is an evocative song about wanting or not wanting to face the truth, something that can be hard for people who lack self-awareness. “Circle of friends” is dominated by piano, with strings in the background, and sounds very musical. “Behind Closed Doors” is a song about family secrets in a home with a violent husband and where people turn a blind eye to what is happening at the neighbors, while “Femme fatale” could be a song in the film Cabaret with Liza Minelli. The only real country song on the album is “Gotta Dance”.Siren Songs flowing quietly through Jan Seides musical landscape, where some songs are growing stronger than others and some are a little half wilting. The different styles of music that influenced Jan. Seides is perhaps necessary to give the disc life, while reducing the overall sound picture would keep the disc together ….. Georg Ryttman http://www.countrywood.se
Tom Parker, Producer, Studio Illusions Recording
September, 2013 – “I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend Jan Seides house concert Saturday night the 14th.  What a dazzling lady who puts on a dazzling performance.  She has a magnificent, powerful voice that expresses so well her heart felt songs.  Her talent at both guitar and piano are rare.  I sense a touch of Joni Mitchell in there. I look forward to seeing her next performance!”

M. Stauffer – Stauffer’s Stars House Concerts

September, 2012 – “Jan’s performance was exceptional and she is a delightful, gracious woman. Her music is heartfelt and touches the soul when it isn’t carefree and just plain fun! Jan arrived early and helped me with final preparations for the evening meal. My guests were enthralled with her performance and commented on her excellent abilities, both vocal and instrumental. You will have a most positive experience when you have Jan at your home.”

D. Ost – Heart of Texas House Concerts

January 2010 – “Wonderful performer, Jan Siedes provides stories and songs from the heart. If you have a family (and who doesn’t) her songs will amuse and bring a tear to your eye. Versatile and accomplished at both guitar and piano, Jan holds the audience until the last note has faded away into silence.”

Linda Back McKay, Poet & author

“Thanks for being there with me….I just had a tooth pulled (long story)and I was so anxious… they put up Pandora on the office computer and asked if I’d like to hear any special music. So I had them type in your name and I listened to Jan Seides sing during my procedure. Thanks for being with me. (It did help.) xoxxox”….

David Barnett, A CORE LIFE Blog

“Listening to Jan was a trip! She is an incredibly talented woman with a beautiful voice. Her soul soothing voice along with her penetrating blue eyes will grab your heart. She sounds like a folk singer on Broadway, or a blues singer at the Opera…”


Her voice is flawless, almost ethereal…gliding easily between the musically diverse songs on each album.

Maggie Ferguson, Live! from the Livingroom, Detroit,MI

Jan’s melodious voice is exquisitely framed by luxurious arrangements in many different styles, good old Texas swing, country, as well as a haunting acapella harmony song … If you pick up a copy of “Everyday People” you will probably find yourself smack dab in the middle one of Jan Seides’ delightful songs.

David Buskin, singer/songwriter

What a terrific CD! … writing, singing, the production – all great. That song about the wind blowing the stars around is stunning.

Rich Warren, WFMT, Chicago

THIS WEEK’S PICK HITS: “The McKrells, Four Bitchin’ Babes, Kate Campbell, David Massengill, John McCutcheon, Jan Seides, Terri Hendrix, Al Day, Eva Cassidy, Carrie Newcomer, Ellis Paul”

Doug Dick, WIUJ, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

“Thanks for sending me your new CD. I like this one very much. You have some really nice songs on this CD. I got a kick out of the lyrics in Bored where you talk about wanting to be on a tropical island. We have a nice one here and hopefully some day you’ll visit Saint Thomas”

Peter James, Peter James Booking & Management

“…articulate lyrics and deft phrasing…”

Roy Gene Munse, Northgate Music Festival, College Station, TX

“…a witty, versatile writer…”

From the Netherlands

De zilverkleurige cover van deze CD glimt ons tegemoet. Je kunt je er warempel in spiegelen! Dat heeft dan weer te maken met de titelsong “Everyday People” en de regel die ook als motto op de achterkant staat: “Everyday heroes, they’re in our mirrors…”Ondertussen probeer ik een indruk te krijgen van de muziek die deze, mij totaal onbekende mevrouw brengt. Jan Seides heeft een fraaie stem, dat is een feit en ze beweegt zich met haar zelfgeschreven materiaal tussen folk en country.”Boys at the Border”, Mexicaans getint met een accordeon erbij, is gelijk al een prijsbeestje: “They learned to sing at the altar and now they pray at the border. Singing sweet lullabies to the tourists at the gates of paradise”, de jongens houden hoop, dat is het mooie!Jan heeft ook een goed gevoel voor humor, ik begon al te denken dat Amy Rigby en Duane Jarvis het patent op grappige liedjes hadden. “Bored”, met een kazoo en fragmentjes uit TV-shows zit knap in elkaar, er is zelfs een song over Jenny Jones (nog erger als Jerry Springer!) en “Chevy Suburban” is echt verschrikkelijk leuk:”Sweet handsome Billy was the Chevy-dealer, so she said: Yep, I think you’re the one for me!”Jan speelt zelf gitaar op sommige tracks van dit semi-akoestische album, maar achter de piano voelt ze zich ook thuis (“Old Friends” met strijkers!) en “Oh Hear the Wind” zingt ze a-capella, met producer Andy “Panda” Murphy, in klassieke folktraditie. We krijgen ook nog een hart onder de riem gestoken: “You got to hold on, one day you’ll be dancin’ down easy street…” Als dat zou kunnen? (Johanna Bodde)


The silvery colored cover of this CD shines towards us. You could even mirror yourself in it! That of course has to do with the title song “Everyday People” and the line which also reads on the back side “Everyday heroes, they’re in our mirrors…”In the meanwhile, I am trying to get an idea of the music that was sent to me by this totally unknown woman. Jan Seides has a nice voice, that’s a fact and she positions herself in between folk and country. “Boys at the Border” is a Mexican flavored with accordian, was immediately a hit. “They learned to sing at the altar and now they pray at the border. Singing sweet lullabies to the tourists at the gates of paradise”, the guys stop singing, that’s a nice one!Jan has also got a sense of humor; I almost started thinking that Amy Rigby en Duane Jarvis had a hold on funny songs. Bored with a kazoo and fragments from TV shows is pretty clever with even a song about Jenny Jones. (even worse than Jerry Springer ) and “Chevy Suburban” is really good.”Sweet handsome Billy was the Chevy-dealer, so she said: Yep, I think you’re the one for me!” Jan even plays guitar with some tracks of this semi-accoustic album but she also feels at home behind the piano. (“Old Friends”) and “Oh Hear the Wind” she sings a cappella with producer Andy in a classical folk tradition. We are being filled with hope: “You got to hold on, one day you’ll be dancin’ down easy street…” If that were possible?..JB).