Piano gig at the Country Club

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by Jan Seides
Saturday 6th June, 2009, 1:18am

bartoncreekLast week, as I was contemplating the Austin Women’s Film and Performing Arts festival, my students’ recital, and a 3-day trip to Kansas, an old friend called. She books musicians for corporate events, parties and others of that type.  Chris said the person she had lined up to play a University of Texas event had had to cancel at the last minute, and could I play in her place? I have wanted to be in Chris’s stable of artists since I found out what she did — so, of course, I said yes! 

It was to be 60s, 70s and 80s music, for a medical association conference, so I needed to pick some of my favorite songs, and get them ready to play for about 2 hours. I must say, that was some of the most fun and easiest money-making I’ve ever had.  The gig consisted of sitting in the corner at a 7-foot Steinway grand, facing a window looking out on the spring-green hill-country scenery surrounding the Barton Creek Country Club, playing some of my favorite music by some of my favorite songwriters. (Oh woe is me!) They even wanted me to sing too. How could you beat that? And they paid me handsomely for it!

So, here’s a sampling: You’ve Got a Friend (Carole King), Sweet Baby James (James Taylor), Walk, Don’t Run (Johnny Smith), Sound of Silence (Paul Simon), River (Joni Mitchell), Walk of Life  -and- So Far Away From Me (Mark Knoffler), Fields of Gold (Sting) and Beatles, Beatles and more Beatles.

Needless to say, I had a ball, and people walked up and thanked me for it afterward. 🙂

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