Gig at Sunrise Creek – Montrose, CO

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by Jan Seides
Thursday 2nd July, 2009, 7:23pm

Thanks to my friend, Deb Barr, who was in a band with my husband when they were in high school, I have a gig here at Sunrise Creek Residence. It’s extra money, and in a very pleasant setting, so I’m delighted to do it. I’ve brought my book of Broadway tunes, and they have piano. Perfect combination!

Except that they’ve set up the audience in a room other than the one where the piano is….

So I happily do my originals instead, and everyone is either quiet and attentive, or laughs in the right places, and they all seem to enjoy the songs. Indeed, several of the residents tell me so after the show. Very sweet people, all with stories of their own to tell. All in view of snow-topped mountains. I love my work.

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