Top 10 Reasons I practice my music

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by Jan Seides
Monday 15th June, 2009, 1:07am

10. Because there’s nothing on TV (So what else is new?)

9.   Because it beats doing bookkeeping.

8.   Because it puts off guilt for yet another day.  (My mother did a really good job on me!)

7.   So that when I tell my students that “I feel their pain”, I won’t be lying to them. (Actually, I would be, because I love practicing.)

6.   So that one day, I might be as good at this as I think I should be.

5.   Because David Letterman may call me one day, and I want to be ready.

4.   Because while I am practicing, no one asks me to do anything else, including housework.

3.   Because if I’m practicing, I have an excuse for not answering the phone.

2.   So that I don’t make a fool of myself onstage.

1.   Because it’s fun, and I like it even better than chocolate.

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