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by Jan Seides
Saturday 23rd May, 2009, 5:54pm

When I first started teaching, giving a recital was simply a matter of gathering in someone’s living room, sending my little musicians up to their doom one at a time, and having cake and ice cream afterwards. Like a birthday party, except it’s everyone’s birthday and they get to be tormented first.

Since nothing ever stays simple, the recital has become an elaborate production, complete with collaborations, show-stoppers and a video tape of the whole thing afterwards. We have, for example, a brother-and-sister act (with mom accompaniment), show tunes, a large dose of ABBA, and a tribute to Nat King Cole. And that’s just the voice students. Even fancier offerings are available on piano and guitar, culminating in a combination of Mozart, Schumann and Coldplay. No dancing dogs yet, but I feel sure that lurks somewhere in the future.

We hold this extravaganza at a local church with a 9-foot grand piano (calculated to either delight the little ones, or scare them half to death), and a stage large enough to hold the Count Basie Orchestra. We’ll have sound equipment and mics, so everyone can play American Idol to their heart’s content — without the nuisance of Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul. All the parents will applaud as enthusiastically as they can, and hopefully all the performers will get addicted enough to that applause to want to do it again next year.

We’ll still have cake and ice cream afterwards, along with Piano Teacher Punch (sherbet and ginger ale) and I will thank them all for their bravery, give out their theory test awards, and breathe a sigh of relief that everyone survived intact, including me.

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One Comment
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May 2009

Saturday 30th, 11:21pm

Yay! The recital's over, and it was the best one ever! Every one of my students stepped up, even the ones who said they couldn't do it.

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