WIMPs (Women In Music Professional Society) Luncheon

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by Jan Seides
Friday 26th June, 2009, 5:02am

WIMPs is a group started by Nancy Coplin and Rose Reyes. The acronym stands for Women In Music Professional Society and can be found at http://www.myspace.com/wimpsaustin.

Nancy books live music for the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. This is a big deal – not even Nashville does this, and they like to think of themselves as Music City. Austin calls itself the Live Music Capital of the World, and as near as I can tell, that is an accurate assessment. (I may be biased.) Nancy books a main stage and one of the small eateries at the airport to entertain people waiting for planes or between flights. Both stages are behind security, and you only have the audience’s attention until their flight is boarding, but you have their complete attention until that moment. Nancy has been doing this for about 10 years, and she knows most of the local musicians, no small feat.

Rose books the music at the Austin Convention Center, pretty much for the same reason. She and her assistant, Amanda Garcia show off Austin talent to visitors, corporate shows and conferences booked there.

I’ve played at the airport several times as a solo act, but the convention center usually books bands.

The group meets once a month, over lunch, and everyone stands and introduces themselves. They tell their latest story (briefly….if not, Nancy shakes her tambourine to let them know their time”s up) There were some notables present: Marcia Ball – internationally-known blues artist, Lee Duffy – current president of the Austin Songwriters Group, Cash Edwards – booking and management since the Creation. Lots of artists were present, some house-concert presenters and other venue owners, web designers, graphic artists, and a radio station owner.

After the introductions, we were supposed to eat lunch and network, but since we were at Threadgill’s (a fine restaurant, but not really geared to vegetarians like myself) I just went ahead and talked with everyone I could catch up with that said anything interesting during the intros. Lots of positive connections ensued, and I’m now in the process of following up with the people I talked to.

It was a great deal of fun and very illuminating as far as meeting new people and hearing about new endeavors in Austin that I might otherwise never have known about. You can bet I will be there next month.

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