Music Instruction

Jan Seides Music Studio wins Austin Award  for 2020 for Music Instruction!


My music studio is actually all over the city of Austin as I go to my students’ homes, particularly my piano students. I do this so that they will be learning to play using the instrument on which they will be practicing all week. Besides piano, I teach guitar, voice, ukelele and mandolin.

I use a variety of methods, and after the student reaches an adequate skill level, I am happy to tailor the lessons to whatever style and music entices them.

There is a theory component woven into the lessons, so that the student will understand how a piece of music is constructed, should they feel moved to create their own.

I do require my students to practice, but I also feel that this should be a fun endeavor, and a lifelong source of enjoyment and fulfillment.

Of course I also have my own music studio where students can come if they don’t have instruments or a suitable place of their own.

Guitar Lessons Austin   

Opening in 1980, my Music Studio has provided quality instruction on piano, guitar, songwriting, mandolin and voice to students ranging in age from 4 to 74 (and counting).


I hold a degree in music from the University of Texas, where I studied under Danielle Martin and Marlie Glodzik Dietz, and I have plenty of years experience in coaxing the very best musicianship from my students.


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