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Siren Song

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Songs that sailed majestically into port in the darkened bedroom, on sunlit streets or on airplanes. Or else arrived with the urgency of a fire engine.  Accompanied by some of Austin’s finest musicians. (2013).

1. High Hopes for You
2. Dishonesty
3. Gotta Dance
4. Circle of Friends
5. Behind Closed Doors
6. Femme Fatale
7. Thinking of You
8. Flying to NYC
9. Rachel’s Sister
10. Forgive Your Debtors
11. Every Now and Then
12. I Missed Texas

Family Album

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Family dynamics set in a simple and loving environment (2007).

1. Just for this Moment
2. Moms
3. I Believe in You (Raina’s Song)
4. Simple Life
5. Everything to Me
6. Shores of Your Love
7. No Such thing as Freedom
8. The Granny Song
9. Save Me a Place
10. Only Human
11. Kiss That Baby
12. The Reason
13. To Give Us Peace

Everyday People

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Stories told to me by friends and strangers, accompanied by some of the best musicians in Austin, Texas (2002)

1. Everyday People
2. Boys at the Border
3. Bored
4. Dancin’ Down Easy Street
5. Oh Hear the Wind
6. Old Friends
7. Chevy Suburban
8. If You Ask My Heart
9. Jenny Jones
10. Simple Life
11. Now and Then
12. Sweet Relief

Slowly But Surely

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Adventures in love and other unpredictable situations in rock, country, folk and pop settings (1992)

1. Where is the Man
2. Years in the Future
3. Easy Lovin’
4. If That Ain’t Love
5. Better be Careful
6. Gonna Dance Tonight
7. State of Grace
8. Slowly but surely