House concerts

Perhaps you have heard of house concerts, maybe you have even attended one or more of them. If you have, I know you noticed what a pleasant, intimate experience they are.

House concerts allow you to really focus your attention on the music with people of similar tastes to your own, and enjoy the comfort of a quiet, congenial atmosphere similar to your own home. Nearly all of the people who host house concerts are folks just like yourself, who enjoy performances of original music, but don’t necessarily enjoy going to smoky bars or noisy cafés.

Mostly, these concerts are not for profit as the ticket donations are used to compensate the performer for their music, time, and travel. Usually, the hosts provide these performances for themselves, friends and other people of like mind on some kind of ongoing basis.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to enjoy a house concert in your own home, without the necessity of the ongoing commitment.

Here’s how it works:

I would provide, in advance, a booklet containing some guidelines for hosting a successful house concert. Then I will come and fill your living room, basement, garage, or barn (get creative!) with my tunes and provide you with a quality performance!

I have car will travel…..You don’t even have to worry about a sound system since it is all beautifully acoustic!

You would provide the performance space. This could be a room in your home, folding chairs in a backyard, a clubhouse at your apartment complex … there are lots of possibilities. Gathering an audience could be accomplished in a variety of ways.
You could alert your friends by sending out invitations, announce the concert at your place of worship or social gathering … again, the possibilities are many.

Donations for tickets could be handled when your guests indicate their desire to attend, at the door or anything in between. Some hosts provide refreshments, others accept donations for refreshments provided, others request that attendees be responsible for their own refreshments.

The benefit to you is an entertaining evening at home introducing friends and/or other congenial people to a new musical experience. The benefit to me is I get the opportunity to meet and entertain new people, and perhaps begin an ongoing relationship with a new audience.

If this idea appeals to you, please get in touch with me by using my Contact Page, and I will happily provide you with more details.

Here’s a link to the Concerts In Your Home website, which has a video introducing house concerts: House Concert Intro Video.