Origin: Austin, TX
Genre: Indie, Singer/Songwriter
Years Active: 1992 – Present
Official Website: www.janseides.com

Unsung Cover Painting by Vanessa Lively



Like all creative people, Austin singer-songwriter Jan Seides maintains a constant state of vigilance, always looking for the next idea, the next
inspiration. But she’d never imagined that simply singing a song she’d
written while laid up with a back injury would lead not only to her first album in six years, but to her first book, complete with her first foray
into illustration. Not to mention a pilgrimage she’d dreamed of taking
since she was a teen.

The song, “Sarah Laughed,” was her take on the biblical story of Sarah and Abraham, which she learned when her daughter was studying it to recite for her bat mitzvah.

Seides didn’t know it at the time, but that was the genesis of Unsung, a 12-song album packaged with a book containing lyrics, illustrations and short commentaries about each song.

“Sarah Laughed” refers to Sarah’s reaction when an angel told her husband that she would give birth — despite the fact that both were over 100 years old. Seides’ song addresses the difficulty of believing in miracles; at that point, she felt healing might require one.

But Seides recovered (no miracle needed), and after she performed the song one night, an audience member came up and suggested a book, Women in the Bible, noting the stories of those women might make good songs.

“They were all old, familiar stories, but this time when I read them, what struck me was how many important people in those stories never got any attention,” Seides reflects. “Leah was responsible for eight of the 12 tribes of Israel. There are two sentences about her in the Bible. Two. I decided it was my job to tell those stories.” …

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The album was produced by Bradley Kopp; the book was illustrated by Seides and Vanessa Lively, who added watercolors over line drawings she encouraged Seides to create.

She began the project with “Rachel’s Sister,” the song about Leah, and then the story of Bathsheba’s seduction and rape by David became “Your Neighbor’s Garden.”

“After a while, the songs started writing themselves,” Seides says. “Mostly the subjects are people I didn’t think got a fair shake from the narrative presented in the Bible.

Seides’ rich, expressive voice, lovely melodies and elegant arrangements bring each character to life; her words, and the accompanying images, turn them into relatable beings. Kopp’s production keeps the focus on her voice and their intricate acoustic guitar picking, accompanied only by occasional backing vocals (contributed by Kopp and Lorrie Singer) and subtle touches such as castanet chimes or woodblock taps.

“Since the songs were so complex, we made the production as simple as possible,” Seides says. It was a wise choice; their beautifully interwoven stringwork provides all the momentum needed to help carry these stories along.

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Booking: Jan Seides (sigh-deez) |   512-627-2115 

Photo by Valerie Fremin 2018

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Jan Seides “UNSUNG”“Seasoned writer/composer Jan Seides’ new release “Unsung” is the prefect holiday gift for the listener interested in the true meaning of the season.  Crafted from biblical books, Seides lyrics are well organized, succinct and easily followed.  As well as historically accurate, the tracks melodies fit the songs to enhance the listener’s interest, with true colors.  In addition to bringing in respected engineer/producer Bradley Kopp for recording, Kopp’s rhythm and lead guitar work are stellar.  Bradley and wife Lorrie Singer also add perfectly placed harmonies throughout the recording.  One more note worth mentioning is the high recording quality created by engineer Bradley Kopp, who knocked it out of the ballpark, with perfect mic placement. Two thumbs up on a great project!… Tom Tranchilla, Host: Songwriters Studio, KPFT, 90.1, Houston, A Pacifica Network Station

“Every now and again I get a CD that I start playing and find myself getting totally immersed and not wanting the music to stop. Jan Seides’ most recent CD, UNSUNG, is just such an album. It’s hard to pick out a favorite song. They are all GREAT!!!! I have always been a fan of Jan’s, but this album is amazing!!!!! Every component of the album: vocals, harmonies, melodies, instrumentation, production — OUTSTANDING! Her songs are compelling, mesmerizing, haunting, etc. They will definitely pull the listener in. Here’s a warning to the listener….make sure you set aside enough time when you start listening to this album…you are not going to want to stop!!!! This album deserves airplay all over the world!” … Jon Stein, Host: Hootenanny Cafe, WTBQ.com

Unsung is a wonderful collection of songs based on stories in the Bible…. Joe Angel, Host: Random Routes and Folk Tapestry, KEOS, College Station, TX

“Singer-songwriter Jan Seides may well be based in Austin, but she’s a hardly a typical Texas troubadour. Though she tells it like it is, with an honest-to-goodness style that’s incredibly effective, she does so with a level of polished sophistication, which has led previous reviewers to describe her sound as Patty Griffin meets Broadway. Intrigued? I certainly was, and she doesn’t disappoint… Leceister Bangs, UK

Musician/Songwriter Peer Quotes:

“I gotta tell you, this is the most accomplished album I’ve heard by you – your singing and your songs are top-notch, the production is excellent too. Nice work my dear.” …. Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas, Musician/Songwriter

Hey Jan! First off, the CD sounds fabulous!  You and Bradley did a phenomenal job” … Joel McColl, Musician/Songwriter

Unsung” gives voice to previously unheard biblical women (mostly). Some have no name but all have much to say. “Your Neighbor’s Garden is MeToo for the OT> The lyrics are keenly evocative; the music, engaging. NPR worthy. I listened to the CD in one sitting, alone uninterrupted, while on a long, cross-country drive. “Your Neighbor’s Garden” was a tearful epiphany. Thanks.” … Phil Seawell, Musician/Songwriter

Photo by Valerie Fremin 2018